Goggle Cantilever chairs


W420xD395mm (340mm Goggle seat height) W440xD460mm (380mm Goggle seat height) W490xD460mm (420mm Goggle seat height) W520xD500mm (460mm Goggle seat height)

Available Heights

The Goggle cantilever chair comes in 340mm, 380mm, 420mm, and 460mm sizes.



Our Goggle cantilever chair is an award-winning model that epitomises safety, child-friendly style, and ergonomic design. As a cantilever chair, it’s designed to give secure support to students as they move around; it does not tip nearly as easily as some other chairs. We’re proud to have previously gained the endorsement of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, as well as the approval of school managers and bursars across the country!

All stakeholders have been considered in the design of the Goggle cantilever chair. Students be able to sit comfortably all day long, allowing them to concentrate on the lesson at hand. Teachers and aides can easily stack chairs, either on desks or on top of one another. Cleaners and caretakers can wipe down the chair and frame in seconds

  • Designed to comply with European standard EN1729
  • Manufactured from toughened high tensile steel tube 1.6mm x 22mm (340 high), 2.0mm x 22mm (380, 420) & 2.6mm (460,500)
  • Tactile, easy to clean surfaces
  • Pronounced lumbar support to promote correct posture
  • Double walled blow moulded shell creates cushion effect for added comfort
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Under seat drag handle
  • Drain hole in seat shell for ease of cleaning
  • Fitted with non-slip, non-marking floor glides to minimise floor damage
  • Built in handle allows for ease of moving chairs
  • Integrated bag or backpack handles keeps bags off the floor
  • Designed for desktop storage
  • Classroom chair
  • Kindergarten or preschool chair
Colour Options