Brighten your classroom with these pieces of flexible classroom furniture

May 03, 2022 3 min read

Brighten your classroom with these pieces of flexible classroom furniture

Recently we discussed how colours have a psychological effect on the brain. When used in a classroom, the colours you use can impact their mood, attentiveness, focus and overall productivity. Flexible classroom furniture is an easy way to incorporate bright colours into your classroom to stimulate your students’ minds.  

Reed Furniture stock a wide range of colourful and engaging furniture that can help promote and encourage certain behaviours. Here are some of our favourite brightly coloured flexible classroom furniture pieces: 


Colourful flexible classroom furniture: Classroom Chairs 

Classroom chairs are the easiest way to incorporate colour into your learning environment. Chairs like the Titan Chair are available in a range of colours to suit any environment. Perhaps you’ve noticed that classroom chairs are often made standard in blue – that's likely because of the colour's correlation with feelings of relaxation which aids in better concentration. 

So, whilst you may be tempted to go for the loudest and brightest coloured classroom chair on offer, pay attention to psychology behind the colours that you choose because it may play a larger role in your classroom than you think.  


Colourful flexible classroom furniture: Bean Bags 

Bean bags like the Gippsland or Deep Lounge Bag are can help you incorporate colour into any learning environment. Since these pieces of flexible classroom furniture are available in green and blue, they are ideal for implementing in a quiet reading or relaxing space because these colours induce feelings of calm. 

In this way, not only are the bean bags fit for the purpose of a quiet and comfortable reading environment, but when paired with the colours that are psychologically associated calm, it can help encourage relaxed behaviour in students that is required to fulfil this classroom activity.  


Colourful flexible classroom furniture: Stools 

Available in a range of different colours and variations, stools are a perfect way to add a pop of colour in your classroom, whilst also facilitating for an active and dynamic learning environment. 

Stools like the Jari Activstool and the Bloom Stool are ideal to implement in learning environments where students are actively participating in a collaborative classroom activity. This is not only because these pieces of flexible furniture promote active learning and improve students overall engagement, but studies have shown that warmer colours like yellow, orange and red contribute to improving students’ level of creativity. 


Colourful flexible classroom furniture: Classroom Desks 

Classroom desks are a staple in any learning environment. For primary school students, bright and bold coloured desks can be too jarring and distracting for them to work productively. Tables with muted colours, like the Trilogy Table or Saturn Table work best for both primary and secondary schools – particularly for collaborative classroom activities. 

Desks are often where individual work takes place. This means there’s a level of concentration that students must obtain in order to complete their work effectively. Whilst muted colours like off-white, purple and orange help improve attention, natural colours like blue and green can also help keep students on task. Investing in a coloured classroom desk like Lunar Table for secondary students can not only brighten your classroom, but if you choose the right colour, can actually help encourage the desired behaviours required for individual learning. 


Colourful flexible classroom furniture: Lounges 

Similarly to our discussion on bean bags, lounges are perfect to not only brighten a space, but to better facilitate for the activity required – typically a relaxation station or quiet reading environment.  

Lounges like the Puzzle Ottoman or the Lava Lounge Series are perfect to suit a range of learning environments like libraries, shared study spaces and break out areas. Since these pieces of flexible classroom furniture are bright, they can help induce feelings of happiness and positivity.  

There’s more to colours than meets the eye. Flexible classroom furniture gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the psychological effects that colour has on a student’s mood and behaviour.  

Since too much colour in any learning environment can be overstimulating and overwhelming for students, it’s recommended that the four walls of your space are neutral, and you use flexible classroom furniture in order to brighten your learning space. This gives you more control and freedom to change the colours of your classroom whenever you feel fit. 

 By investing in bright school furniture, you can bring your classroom to life and build a learning environment your students can thrive in. 

For over 40 years, Reed Furniture has been supplying a wide range of school furniture, specifically designed for the education sector. Talk to one of our specialised staff today and find out how we can help you brighten up your learning environment.  

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