How to implement desk dividers and acrylic screens and guards into your learning environment

December 07, 2021 2 min read

How to implement desk dividers and acrylic screens and guards into your learning environment

We understand that it’s hard for students to maintain a physical distance – that’s where screens and guards come in. By acting as a physical barrier, desk dividers can help prevent the spread of germs by limiting physical contact and diving collaborative space. 

Here’s how you can implement desk dividers into your learning environment to maintain a healthy learning environment. 

Divide collaborative desks with desk dividers 

Collaboration is an important part of the learning process, but the modern learning environment recognises that close collaboration means the easy transmission of germs between students. 

A simple solution to this modern-day problem is to install an acrylic screen or desk divider, like the 4 Way Acrylic Divider. These screens divide a collaborative cluster of desks into four individual pods, ensuring students can collaborate with reduced risk of transmission. 


Use desk dividers to break up study desks. 

Secondary and tertiary learning facilities allow for private study in co-studying spaces, like a library or general study area. But, with shared study desks comes the increased risk of infection transmission. 

Installing an desk dividers like the Interdesk Acrylic Screen every 1.5 metres along a shared study desk not only ensures that students are keeping a safe physical distance, but it also gives students their own cubicle to work in.  


Shield the teacher's desk with acrylic desk dividers 

Younger students are notorious for not practising good personal hygiene. That’s why it’s always a good idea for teachers to take extra precaution in the classroom, particularly when they are working one-on-one with students.  

Interdesk acrylic screens, which can be custom madecan be installed on the teacher’s desk to help protect themselves from bacteria and germs when working closely with students. Plus, it offers additional security to prevent desk items going missing. 


Use desk dividers in the staffrooms 

Acrylic screens and guards aren't strictly for the classroom. Desk divides can be installed in school staffrooms to limit contact between staff.  

Since staffrooms are shared spaces, acrylic screens and desk dividers play a significant role in breaking up this shared space and creating a physical barrier between staff, since physical distancing may not be sustainable in such a space 


Adding an extra barrier to prevent the spread of germs and diseases will reassure your staff and students that you’re doing your best to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for everyone For more specialised health and hygiene products that you can implement into your learning environment to improve the health and safety of your school, visit New Workplace.

So, get in contact with our team of specialists and get a customworkplace infection control solution for your school. 

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