Is your classroom furniture making it harder for students to learn? Why you need flexible furniture in your classroom

December 07, 2021 3 min read

Is your classroom furniture making it harder for students to learn? Why you need flexible furniture in your classroom

By replacing generic classroom furniture, with specially designed, ergonomic, flexible classroom furniture, you’ll be able to create a flexibllearning classroom that improves student engagement, focus and overall academic performance. 

Flexible furniture refers to furniture specifically designed to facilitate and encourage movement in the classroom. 

 Incorporating ergonomic furniture that promotes active learning and eliminates distractions can help your educators to reduce off-task behaviour. 

Investing in flexible furniture that is comfortablepromotes collaboration, flexibility and movement can reduce the amount of disruptive behaviour and help increase your students' performance. Here’s how ergonomic, flexible school furniture can benefit your students. 

Students using flexible furniture have an improved focus 

Studies have shown that students who are able to move around while sitting are more attentive in class. When kids are free to fidget and move whilst they're learning, they are expending their energy slowly throughout the day which will prevent them from growing restless and distracted. 

For those students with attention deficit disorders, flexible furniture can be particularly beneficial with studies revealing that enabling fidgeting in students with  ADHD are actually stimulating their brain which improves their cognitive function, allowing them to better retain information. 

Using flexible furniture like wobble stoolsexercise balls and sit/stand desks encourage movement and can all improve a student’s focus and aid in processing information. 

Flexible furniture can improve overall academic performance 

By accommodating for a child’s innate need to move with adjustable and flexible furniture, students feel more relaxed and focused. This means they’re more likely to remain engaged all lesson which improves their productivity. 

The classrooms of the future are becoming more dynamic and active, so the classroom furniture you implement in your flexible classroom needs to accommodate for your evolving teaching style and your students adaptive learning styles if you are to expect students to understand and process the content being delivered in the classroom. 

 By aligning your interactive teaching method with the appropriate flexible furniture like adjustable desks or flexible stools, you are effectively facilitating an active learning classroom that maximises the academic potential of your students, and improves their overall academic performance. 


Flexible furniture improves comfort in the classroom 

Genuine flexible furniture understands the importance of ergonomics in school furniture. Ergonomically height adjustable school furniture is known to improve student performance. The more tailored desk or chair is to a student, the more comfortable and productive a student will be – thats ergonomics.   

Studies have revealed that comfort can positively impact learning, productivity and creativity. Knowing that students spend a large portion of time sitting, ensuring that they’re ergonomically supported will prevent back and neck pain that could increase fatigue and reduce concentration in the classroom. 

Having comfortable school furniture from wobble stools and sit stand desks can help your students feel their best, ensuring they can perform their best. 

Create a collaborative and dynamic classroom with flexible classroom furniture   

Having agile furniture enables you to divide and layout your classroom to the best possible learning environment with little to no effort. This allows for greater collaboration between students and teachers.  

With flexible classroom furniture specifically designed for important lessons and activities, like the guided reading table, flexible furniture simply makes it easier for teachers and students to implement active learning teaching methods.   

With flexible furniture, your learning environment is capable of easy reconfigurations to enhance your lessons and make them as engaging as possible for your students. 

Flexible furniture creates a happy classroom! 

Bean bags, lounges or stools – what’s not to love?  

Flexible furniture is fun to sit on and use which will improve the mood of your students. Studies have proven that happier students are more motivated and engaged which all contribute to an improvement in their grades and overall performance. 

So, what are you waiting for? With over 45 years of experience in educational ergonomics, our specialist team at Reed Furniture can help you select the right flexible furniture for your classroom to maximise your students’ potential.  

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