Florey Antimicrobial Chair-Side Chair


Breaking The Chain Of Infection Through Innovation.
Improving safety through design.
Providing safe and healthy environments.
It creates an antimicrobial barrier to bacteria.
Ergonomics with integrated safety.
Assistance with infection control.
Easy to clean and maintain.

The easy to clean, antimicrobial Florey chair helps to prevent the transmission of HCAIs. It is multipurpose and suitable for a variety of healthcare environments.

Our chairs include a silver antimicrobial additive which is continually active, providing a permanent and highly resilient barrier to bacteria protecting users and their environment against bacteria and reducing the time and frequency of cleans. The antimicrobial silver additive runs throughout the entire chair, providing the same protection all over, even if the chair sustains superficial damage. This gives the Florey superior protection to furniture with only surface deep coatings. Our chairs are independently tested to international standards for antimicrobial effectiveness. This ensures they meet the rigorous demands of healthcare environs.

The Florey Healthcare Chairs are designed to conform to British Ergonomic Standards to provide proper lumbar support, a supported leg shape and a flat foot position. The wide base and anti-tilt legs provide stability which helps reduce the risk of falls, especially for users with limited mobility. The one-piece design with smooth rounded corners increases resistance to tampering and vandalism; an important feature in high-risk environments such as A&E units and mental health wards.

We do not rely on the antimicrobial properties of our chairs alone to prevent the growth of bacteria and spread of HCAIs. We have carefully designed our chairs to be easy to clean, making the removal of dirt and bacteria the priority for all our products. Designed specifically for healthcare environments, the Florey Healthcare Chairs have rounded corners and no tight spaces that harbour bacteria. They have been independently tested so they can be safely cleaned with chlorine based cleaners, without deteriorating the material or surface.

Adult Arm chair Code: FSFLOABLU460
Adult side chair (without arms) Code: FSFLOSBLU460
Linking Clips Code: FSFLOLINK