Teacher's Classroom Package

Teachers are right on the front line of exposure to contagious diseases, and unfortunately students are often super spreaders making classrooms high risk environments. Protect your teachers and staff in their primary place of work with our ALL NEW Safe Return to School - Teacher's Classroom Package.

The package contains many new items from a range of products introduced very recently, specifically designed to keep workplaces safe in the new environment. It contains:

  • A Cleantrack Mousepad, a Germicidal mouse pad
  • 5 Safescribe Antimicrobial Pens, Silver impregnated pens
  • A Nanomask, a Silver impregnated mask which kills germs
  • A NoHandKey which kill pathogens on contact and reduces the need to touch surfaces
  • Hazard Marking tape to help keep students in defined areas
  • A social distance sticker
  • A Screen/Guard that is easy to setup and configure to suit the teacher’s desk and protect them from airflows and airborne pathogens 

*Recommended 1 per classroom/per teacher