Teacher's Staffroom Package

Teacher's Staffroom Package

Screening and Entry Package

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Trying to ask students to move in an orderly fashion can be a bit like herding cats sometimes. Under normal circumstances this can be frustrating, but when you’re dealing with infectious disease this can greatly increase the risk posed to teachers and staff. To help increase student compliance , quickly identify and screen for symptoms of disease, and keep teachers and staff safe during times of increased risk of infectious disease, we’ve put together a new Screening and Entry Package.

The package contains many new items from a range of products introduced very recently, specifically designed to keep workplaces safe in the new environment. Each package contains:

  • 4 Shepherd Barrier Control stanchions, with 2-3m of belt each
  • A Banscan temperature scanner to quickly identify risk of infection
  • A SteriTread Mat set to sanitise shoes, a very common way pathogens can spread
  • 2 Specialised Antimicrobial chairs, the Titan Plus
  • A PosterPost, to display A4 signs and prompts
  • A Say&Spray, which includes an A4 poster slot and liquid sanitiser dispenser
  • A TallyPal to quickly and easily count / tally students or people entering a room
  • A pack of 10 StandRight floor decals/stickers
  • A Shoesheild shoe cover dispenser, with 100 refills
  • A FaceSpace Visor facesheild
  • A Desktop Sanitiser Sign, the SaniPrompt

*Recommended 1 per Classroom / Breakroom

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