Alma Cantilever

The Mata Cantilever is part of the new revolution in educational seating which focuses on “dynamic seating” i.e. being able to move and adopt different postures throughout the learning day. Recent research suggests that best learning outcomes come not from a strict “sit up straight and face the front” mentality, but from a more flexible approach to both learning inputs and learning postures. In fact students show increased levels of concentration when allowed to move, stretch and flex in their seats like office workers do.

FSMATCAN355CH (Charcoal) – Seat height 355mm

FSMATCAN355RD (Red) – Seat height 355mm

FSMATCAN385CH (Charcoal) – Seat height 385mm

FSMATCAN385RD (Red) – Seat height 385mm

FSMATCAN435CH (Charcoal) – Seat height 420mm

FSMATCAN435RD (Red) – Seat height 420mm

FSMATCAN460CH (Charcoal) – Seat height 460mm

FSMATCAN460RD (Red) – Seat height 460mm