CleanCarry Nano-Case

Great news, your mask worked!  It did exactly what a mask is meant to do. It stopped you inhaling airborne pathogens like viruses and bacteria. Well done you for taking care of your health and following guidelines. Now the nasties are trapped on the surface or within the layers of the mask.

So now it’s time to take your contaminated mask off, at home or in the car. Where do you put it? In the centre console of your car next to coins and sunglasses? In your pocket bedside your keys, wallet and phone or in your purse, right up against cosmetics, or snacks? …See the problem?

Now what if there was a slim compact case which fitted a mask perfectly and isolated it from all your other daily carry items. Even better what if that case had built-in disinfecting and sanitising properties, which reduce pathogen loads using silver ion nanotechnology.

Silver ion nanotechnology, along with other bio-active metals, has proven very effective in reducing viral and bacterial loads on contact. That’s why you now find it on Band-Aids TM, in water purifiers, in antimicrobial fabrics and in embedded in advanced plastics. It’s called the Oligodynamic effect, read all about it. Silver ion nanotechnology is catastrophic for disease causing microbes but completely safe for human use.

We are excited to bring this new technology to perhaps the most obvious application we can imagine, the CleanCarry Nanocase.