Dundas Folding Chair

The Dundas folding chair is a multipurpose, space-saving chair. Featuring a versatile functionality, the Dundas is available with or without arms, or as a desk and chair in one with added arms and tablet. 

With multiple variations, the Dundas chair is suitable for Secondary or Tertiary students in the classroom, collaborative spaces, lecture spaces and tutorial rooms. The arms and tablet Dundas option offers space for a laptop, notes and other materials necessary in a learning environment. 

Built on castors, the Dundas is not only slim and compact in design but practical and mobile to transform any learning space into a flexible and dynamic environment. They can be easily set upfolded or stacked vertically for storage, making them ideal for training, conferences or events with larger audiences. 

The Dundas boasts both AFRDI accreditation and GreenGuard certification which makes it strong and environmentally friendly.  

The Dundas has a slattered plastic back with a silver powder-coated frame. The folding seat can be upholstered in any fabric. Speak to your consultant to see what fabrics are available.