Malmö Electric Desk

Study from just about anywhere with the Malmö Electric Desk. 

This compact unit is your economical and practical solution to creating a flexible classroom. Featuring hidden castors, the Malmo is designed to be easily moved to facilitate for changing classroom activities. Whether students are giving a presentation, or conducting a pop quiz, this multifunctional, electric desk can manoeuvre and adjust to their height and position; seated or standing.   

Featuring a two-button, electric height-adjustable controller, the Malmo uses a linear actuator to seamlessly extend and lower the table between 650-1030mm to suit the heights of students from primary to secondary school. 

With its unique slide-under frame, this classroom desk can effectively adapt to existing Learniture classroom products to transform almost any classroom into an active and dynamic learning environment 


  • Max load capacity: 20KG 
  • Speed: 30mm/s 
  • Power type: 100-240V 
  • Decibel: <50dB 
  • Tabletop dimensions: 700 x 400mm