No-Handy Key

Copper and its alloys bronze and brass have been known since ancient times to reduce disease, even before germs were identified.   The process was not understood but the effect was clear to see. Copper urns and brass and bronze pitchers kept water fresh and reduced the spread of disease.

Today we call this self-sanitising property of copper and its alloys the Oligodynamic effect. Significantly, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has registered copper as the only solid surface material able to kill bacteria that may pose a threat to human health. 

Now we put the power of copper in your hands with the NoHandyKey. No need to touch surfaces to:

  • Open door handles
  • Press lift buttons
  • Press copier and printer buttons
  • Use ATM’s
  • Activate toilets
  • Operate taps


Simply fits on your keyring and becomes a critical tool in personal protective equipment.